Do You Have Enough Room For A Tennis Court?

Tennis courts are often seen as the height of luxury when it comes to additions to your home, even above features like a pool or a home gym. That ideal image has been passed down for generations as tennis used to be mainly played by the aristocracy on large estates in England and around Europe. However, modern tennis court construction is much more advanced and open to the public than it has ever been. If you want a tennis court, then chances are you can get at least a taste of it in your backyard, even if it is quite small!

Half-Court Options

While you may not have enough room for a full-court, some people will get half-courts or even just a miniature tennis court that they can play on with their children. If you aren't practising competitively, then there is no harm in getting a tennis court built to your own specifications, and most tennis court construction contractors are happy to oblige to these requests. You can even make it more of a multi-sport field by adding in removable netball or basketball hoops at either end. In any case, no backyard is too small for tennis if you are willing to make concessions!

Levelling Out Slopes

If you think your backyard is simply too uneven to get a tennis court installed, then you might want to test that theory by getting some quotes from tennis court contractors. Most of the time an uneven surface, if it is the only or best available land for a tennis court, can be evened out through grading and special construction methods. In the past, it would be hard to get right and you may have issues in just a few years, but thanks to modern engineering, tennis courts have become more accessible than ever while increasing in reliability and construction quality.

Joining In With Your Neighbour

Some neighbours are closer than others, there is no question about that, but if you are good friends with your neighbour and you both are big fans of tennis, then getting a tennis court built across both of your smaller backyards is an interesting option. This also shares the cost between the both of you, and the only downside is that you would have to be at least a little aware of the others' scheduled times on the court. Who knows, you may even spawn a bit of a friendly neighbourhood tennis rivalry! 

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Tennis courts are often seen as the height of luxury when it comes to additions to your home, even above features like a pool or a home gym. That idea

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