Buying a Rifle: Synthetic Vs Wooden Stocks

If you are considering buying a new rifle, you will need to decide if you would like a gun with a wooden or synthetic stock. Both of these options have pros and cons, which will be examined below. Read on to find out more.

The advantages of choosing a synthetic stock

A synthetic stock is manufactured using extremely robust plastic which can stand up to just about anything the average gun owner can throw at it. While forceful impacts may leave a synthetic stock with a scratch or dent, it will not cause serious damage. Synthetic stocks are also not affected by moisture, which means you can submerge them in water, and you do not need to spend time oiling the surface to protect it. A synthetic stock will also weigh much less than a wooden one.

The disadvantages of opting for a synthetic stock

The main disadvantage of opting for a synthetic stock is that they are not as beautiful as the wooden options. Generations of marksmen have grown up with images of people shooting rifles with wooden stocks. Because synthetic stocks are a relatively new development, they do not have the same romance around them. It can also be difficult to cover any scratches or dents on a synthetic stock, as you will not be able to mask them using a fresh coat of lacquer.

The advantages of opting for a wooden stock

Wooden stocks offer many advantages. One of the primary benefits is that a wooden stock creates a classic look which is considered by some gun owners to be much more aesthetically pleasing than a synthetic stock. Wooden stocks can also be easily modified to accommodate any add-ons you wish to incorporate onto the weapon such recoil reducers or cheek pieces.

The disadvantages of choosing a wooden stock

The major disadvantage of choosing a wooden stock is that they are not as robust as their synthetic cousins. If a wooden stock suffers an impact with the ground or another hard surface, it is possible it will splinter or crack. Wooden stocks are also at risk of becoming warped if moisture is allowed to enter the wood. They require frequent oiling in order to prevent this problem.

If you would like further advice and information about the benefits and disadvantages of wooden and synthetic stocks, you should contact your local gun shop today. A member of staff will be happy to help.

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