Two Tips for Using a Camper Trailer During a Period of Wet Weather

If you plan to use your camper trailer for an upcoming camping trip and rain has been forecast for this period, here are some tips that might be of use to you.

Check the depth of the trailer's tyre treads before you leave

It is extremely important to check the depths of the camper trailer's tyre treads before you head away on your camping holiday. This can be done using a tread depth gauge. If you find that one or more of the tyre's tread depths are too low, you should replace those tyres before you set off.

If you take your camper trailer on a public road when the tread depths of its tyres are low and it is raining heavily, you could end up in a road accident. This is because the tyre can no longer maintain a secure grip on the road when the treads have almost completely worn away.

If this type of tyre is driven across a road which is slippery and wet because of an extended period of heavy rainfall, there is a very good chance that the camper trailer to which it is attached will spin out of control.

If this happens to your trailer whilst you're driving on a motorway, the trailer could slide sideways and collide with a motorist in the lane next to you. This could endanger that motorist's safety and damage both their vehicle and your camper trailer.

Given this, it is extremely important to ensure that your camper trailer's tyres have sufficiently deep treads before you leave for your camping trip.

Dry off the camper trailer tent thoroughly before you pack it away

In most camper trailers, the tent is folded up in a storage compartment of the trailer.

If it rains continuously throughout your entire camping trip, it is critical to ensure that you thoroughly dry off your tent before packing it away into its storage compartment. It is particularly important to do this if you don't intend to use your camper trailer again for several months. If you fold up your tent when its exterior is still wet and then leave it inside the camper trailer for a long period of time, mould and mildew may develop on the fabric.

If left untreated for a few months, the mildew could make the tent smell highly malodorous, and the mould may render it dangerous to sleep in (as mould spores can often cause health problems if they are inhaled). As such, it's worth spending five to ten minutes drying off your tent with a towel at the end of the camping trip.

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