Why Tennis Clubs Should Fit Synthetic Grass Courts

Although the easy maintenance regime of hard courts tends to be preferred by tennis clubs with multiple courts to look after, synthetic grass surfaces can do an equally good job, if not better. Why are synthetic grass tennis courts becoming increasingly popular, and what benefits do they bring to tennis clubs that install them? Read on to find out.

Attract New Members

By upgrading your hard courts to ones with synthetic grass, your tennis club will attract new players who are in favour of playing on more naturalistic surfaces. Of course, dedicated grass court players will always prefer the real thing, but in a sunny country like Australia, a synthetic grass court is the next best thing, and it won't suffer in dry spells of weather. Players who compete on grass courts will be amazed by how natural a synthetic grass playing surface feels both underfoot and with the bounce of the ball. Simply by offering your club's membership a variety of playing surfaces, you will notice more interest from new players.

Provide 24/7 Tennis

Unlike a natural grass court or a clay one, wet weather really doesn't have a negative impact on the playability of a synthetic grass court. So long as the surface is installed professionally with a fast-draining substrate, a synthetic grass playing surface should be ready to go minutes after it stops raining. You can play on the surface right through winter as well as during the summer season. What's more, synthetic grass doesn't produce glare when you play on it under artificial lighting, so play can continue well into the evening.

More Fun, Fewer Injuries

As well as being highly functional and easy to look after, a synthetic grass court is arguably a better surface to play on from the point of view of sheer fun. With a true level of bounce during every point and a consistent amount of energy that is taken out of the ball each time it touches the surface, players will soon get used to the uniform nature of an artificial grass surface. This means club members will enjoy more rallies and greater fun as a result of playing matches on this sort of surface. As players enjoy their games more, their play will tend to improve, which is good for the club in terms of competitive tennis as well as membership retention. Unlike hard courts, synthetic ones don't jolt the ankles and the knees so much, which makes for more enjoyment and fewer injuries.

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